Alcoy improves the Via Verde

With an investment of 195.234 euros – The actions have focused on the installation of wooden barriers, the improvement of one of the tunnels and the rehabilitation of paved bike lanes.

The actions, as reported by the Department of Works and Services, have focused on the installation of wooden barriers to strengthen sections adjacent to ravines and streams. Operators have stabilized the front of the Umbria del Manco tunnel, in its north-western slope, to solve the landslide problems that were reported in this area. And, taking advantage of the work on the creation of the cycling pedestrian, the pavement around which the bicycles circulate has been rehabilitated.

The improvement plan also includes the placement of information panels and signage for the bicycle path. Jordi Martínez, Director of Works and Services, means the importance of these changes that reinforce the use of this route between Batoi and the Francisco Laporta sports center. The investment of these four actions amounts to 195,234 euros.

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