Changes proposed for Alcoy’s animal shelter

The City Council will request that the Ministry of Defense transfers the ownership of the former Molí Payá barracks to the city of Alcoy.

Currently, the former army barracks are being used as the city’s animal shelter managed by the Animal and Plant Protection Society of Alcoy.

The idea was proposed before the local government in order to reform the facility by creating more space and a fenced-in area where the animals can be outside.

Cristian Santiago, a spokesman for Podemos Alcoy has reminded us of the importance of carrying out this action so that the animals that live there are in the best possible conditions waiting for a family to adopt them.

We can monitor that the municipal government complies with this accepted agreement. Work is being carried out on maintenance work and a study will be carried out to verify the conditions at the legal and property level in which the shelter space and its surroundings are located.

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