First the bees and then the Honey

When we first think about bees, the initial thing that comes to mind is honey and all the food that we can eat with it. What we don’t do though is to think so much as to where the honey comes from and how it is produced.

Bees are one of the hardest working creatures on earth and because of their laborious work ethic; we owe many thanks to this amazing yet often underappreciated insect.


With this philosophy in mind, the Asociación al Servicio de Amecsación Forestal (ASAF) works with beekeeper Salvador Andres Catalina. He and his team are in charge of taking care of the swarms of bees that appear in urban areas of Alcoy such as in industrial estates and private homes.

Far from getting rid of bees, what the team does is save them and take care of them until such time as the can be released back into the wild.

When the bees are rescued they are taken to the Apicultural Municipal Hostel in the Sierra de Mariola Mountains near to Sant Cristòfol.

Once the bees arrive, Salvador and his team evaluate and observe them until they are ready to be relocated, usually in spring.


Once they are released back into nature, they become part of the network of pollinators in the Mariola and the Font Roja Natural Parks.

The purpose of releasing the bees back to nature is none other than increasing the rate of pollination in the vegetation that flourishes in our mountains, with all the favorable repercussions that this entails.

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