1.6 Billion Euros Worth Of Pesetas Still Missing

If you still have some old Spanish pesetas lying around the house you have until the end of next year to exchange them for euros.

When the euro was introduced to Spain in 2002, there was a flurry of people handing in pesetas for the new European currency.

Over the years, this has dwindled off as the peseta becomes a long lost memory.

According to the Bank of Spain, there is still 268.5 billion pesetas (1.66 billion euros) that have not been handed in.

Some of it might have been hidden and forgotten, lost down the back of the couch or gone home with people visiting Spain on holiday.

Last year the bank reported that 10 million euros worth of the old currency was exchanged for euros, but it is still only a drop in the ocean when compared to what is still out there.

If you happen to have some pesetas hidden in the draw or perhaps in an old wallet, you now have until the end of 2020 to exchange them for euros at the Bank of Spain.

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