More people are using Alcoy’s municipal pools

Since opening a couple of weeks ago over 10,000 have been swimming in Alcoy’s three municipal pools.

This was the second year in which the three Alcoy pools opened their doors on the same day and not in a staggered way as they had done previously. The most important innovation this year is the increase in security measures, which has seen the installation of 8 security cameras.

The Councilor for Sports, Miguel Juan Reig, explained that the goal of the City is “is to guarantee access to public pools owned by the municipality throughout the summer, that users have the maximum comfort and facilities.” With this desire in mind, the administration has created seasonal bonuses that have been widely accepted over the last few years. In 2019 248 season tickets have been sold more than last year.

Every Monday in July and August the swimming pools are free people over the age of 65

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