Parking spaces to be moved in order to accommodate the new Alcoy to Cocentaina bike path

The City Council of Alcoy has started repainting the streets that will be a part of the new bike and pedestrian path that will run all the way from Batoy to Cocentaina.

While many parking spaces along the route will be lost the City Council is saying that they will replace them by increasing parking spaces in nearby areas.

The City Council stressed that “the construction of the bike path will not mean the reduction of parking spaces in any of the sections since it is designed to cover these places and even increase them”.

The Councillor for Works and Universal Accessibility, Jordi Martínez, pointed out that “In the work being carried out in the Valencia and Tirant Lo Blanc area, what we intend to do is that the elimination of some places by the new cycle and pedestrian axis does not affect parking. In fact, parking will be increased by 57 new spaces”.

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