Europe Union to pay 50% for a new 970,000€ cycle path linking Alcoy and Cocentaina

The works have already been awarded to create a route for cyclists and pedestrians on the northern corner of the city.

The final cost to build the new greenway is 970,000€, of which 50% will come from the European Union and the rest financed through subsidies created by the Generalitat Valenciana.

Work on the bike path to connect Batoy with Zona Norte

As for the work itself, the new cycle path and pedestrian walkway are all part of a master plan that will see every neighbourhood in Alcoy connected by bike path.

The new 9-kilometre route will also connect to the many greenways that surround the city and link up with Cocentaina by utilizing the old railway line.

The new footbridge in Zona Norte will allow cyclists to access the old railway line to Cocentaina.

By building the bike path and pedestrian walkway on the old Alcoy to Gandia railway line Alcoyanos can now cycle from the mountains to the Mediterranean coast along what will be one of the longest greenways in the entire Valencian Community.

Alcoyanos will be able to cycle from the mountains to the sea.

Rather than a single lane track as is common with many urban bike paths or cycle lanes, the new link between Alcoy and Cocentaina will have two lanes, one for each direction of the path.

Alcoy is committed to not only becoming an environmentally friendly city, as has been seen in the decision to use electric buses and electric city vehicles, but also in encouraging residents to forgo their cars in favour of walking and cycling.

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