Lidl to introduce biodegradable bags

German supermarket chain Lidl is to introduce biodegradable bags in its fruit and vegetable sections of the supermarket getting rid of the plastic bags currently being used.

The plastic bags will be replaced by “100% bio-compostable materials” in the company’s effort to reduce the ever-growing plastic recycling problem.

According to Lidl, the new bags will be made from 100% recyclable materials that cost four times as much as the current plastic bags but say they will still be free for Lidl customers.

This new initiative by Lidl is all part of a wider programme to reduce the use of plastic by 25% by 2025.

Lidl's new biodegradable bag for fruit & veg
Lidl’s new biodegradable bag

Currently bio bags are being used in Lidl’s Balearic Islands stores and should be in all Lidl’s Spanish stores by the end of the year.

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