Benimarfull man arrested for the illegal hunting of birds

The Service for the Protection of Nature of the Civil Guard (SEPRONA) has identified a Benimarfull who was hunting birds by illegally using a trap.

Agents found 10 open baskets to be used as cages and three live tords (Common Thrush or Thrush, White Thymus) that were presumably used as bait to lure in other birds


These traps cannot be used to hunt tords in the Valencian Community.

The bird hunter has been released awaiting trial and could face a prison sentence of between 4 months and 2 years.

Common Thrush or Thrush, White Thymus, White Thymus and White Threads [1] in the Balearic Islands (Turdus philomelos) is a Turtle bird [2] that inhabits much of Eurasia. It is an excellent singing bird.

Partially it is a migratory bird with many hibernating individuals in southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. It has been introduced in New Zealand and Australia. Although it is not threatened globally, some European populations are in decline possibly due to changes in agriculture.

The common tord is an omnivorous animal that is 20 to 23.5 cm long and weighs 50 to 107 grams. Both sexes are similar.

Common tord is not usually gregarious; However, some individuals come together in winter. It is monogamous and in places where they are completely migratory, the male restores his breeding ground and begins to sing as soon as he returns. Migration is done mainly at night in order to avoid sun rays.

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