Deadly spider bites man in Alicante province

So far this year four people have been hospitalized after being bitten by a deadly spider 15 times more toxic than a Cobra.

The violin spider, also known as the Chilean recluse spider, was first spotted in Spain in 2017 and is referred to here as “the corner spider” due to its love of hiding in dark corners.

45-year-old Manuel Gil Pardo was out walking his two dogs in Elda (52km from Alcoy) when he suddenly felt a pinch inside his left knee. Thinking nothing of it, he carried on walking the dogs.

Later that night his leg had swelled like a balloon and he was suddenly running a 40-degree fever.

He immediately went to the hospital where they operated on him to remove the spider’s venom.

This latest incident of a person being bitten by a violin spider comes after a woman in Sax was hospitalized following a bite on her leg.

So far this year there have been four known violin spider bites in Alicante province that has health authorities playing down any talk of a possible infestation of the deadly arachnids.

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