Starting today Ambulances will no longer be dispatched to the Campo

SAMU ambulances will no longer respond to emergency calls from people who live in rural areas.

The new Remote Plan comes into effect on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 and aims to let health professionals abandon their consultations in health centres and auxiliary offices and go to the place of emergency “by their own means” with a sanitary facility that weighs about 20 kilos.

According to the Remote Plan, it will be at the place of the emergency where medical professionals will assess the severity of the sick or injured and determine whether the dispatching of an ambulance is necessary or not prolonging the response time in the event of a vital emergency.

Ambulance Union representatives see this as a big mistake saying: “The sending of a SAMU ambulance, properly equipped and staff trained in emergency and emergencies, is of vital importance for the survival of the sick.” Therefore, the union believes that “the Plan can not only seriously endanger the health of the inhabitants of the areas of the interior of the community, but it contravenes the regulations of out-of-hospital emergencies.

Basically what this means is that if you live out in the Campo a doctor from your nearest health centre must first make his or her way to you using their own transport, access the situation and then determine whether or not to call for an ambulance.

Given the fact that the majority of the people who live out in the campo or in small villages are over the age of 60, we here at Alcoy Today feel that the implementation of this plan puts seniors at unnecessary risk.

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