Construction work at Alameda 5 is reactivated

Following years of stagnant growth in the housing industry cranes will once more be on the Alcoy skyline as construction work recommences at the prestigious Alameda 5 apartments.

Now that the economic uncertainty of the crisis has passed, things are beginning to stir in the real estate market as is evident in the Alameda 5 project.

The builders in partnership with Inmobiliaria Carbonell describe Alameda 5 as being exclusive homes with excellent views of one of the most central avenues of Alcoy. A dream come true in a quiet building, open to the exterior and interior, located in a privileged enclave surrounded by all the services and amenities that the city of Alcoy offers.

With construction once more underway at Alameda 5 it may convince other construction companies to invest in Alcoy.

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