Military Explosive found by a hiker

An 81 millimetres calibre mortar grenade with half a kilo of explosive cargo was discovered casual by a hiker in the urbanization of Serelles de Alcoy, very close to an old military zone that the army used as a shooting and manoeuvring field.

A source from the National Police Corps has explained to Radio Alcoy that the device found was quite oxidized, although with the active charge. After its location, Monday afternoon found hiding under the weeds in the margin of one of the streets of the urbanization, the artificers of the group of Technical Expert in Deterrent of Explosive Devices, TEDAX, retrieved it and transferred to their facilities in Alicante where it was disabled.

The CNP has undertaken the investigation to clarify the origin of the device. The area where the mortar grenade was found is an area of passage for many hikers as it is beautiful with the Sierra Mariola natural park. The area where it was discovered was cordoned by police. A municipal source has explained that a second device was found in the area although without explosive charge.

One of the hypotheses is that the explosives are related to manoeuvres carried out in this area by the Vizcaya 21 Infantry Regiment headquartered in Alcoy up until 1980.

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