Spain to be hit with a series of heatwaves starting next month

A summer filled with a series of heatwaves is being predicted by Accuweather.

The biggest story of the summer is likely to be a series of intense heatwaves that will stretch from Portugal and Spain all the way to Eastern Europe.

The hottest areas will be Spain and Portugal where the daytime temperature will peak at or above 43 C (110 F).

Even the nights will bring little relief with homes without air-conditioning unable to cool down before the following day’s heat.

Accuweather advises people to take extra care in the heat to prevent illness.

“Drinking plenty of water, spending time in the shade and wearing light clothing will be necessary”.

“When possible, strenuous outdoor activity should be avoided during the hottest part of the day”.

Risk of wildfires is high across Spain

Following a winter of more than normal rainfall more vegetation is present than in previous years and with June predicted to be hot and dry areas of Spain will be at high risk for wildfires later in the summer.

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