Cocentaina changes the street lights with LED

The City Council of Cocentaina is in the process of replacing old light fixtures with low power LED bulbs in the municipality.

In total, around 118 light points have been changed. This action has been carried out with a subsidy from IVACE that has assumed 50% of the budget valued at 58,000 euros; the other 50% has been assumed by the City Council of Cocentaina. The new lighting will allow an energy saving of 26,345.9 kWh and an economic saving of 4,613.58 euros.

Councillor for Works and Services, Marcos Castelló explained that “this lighting performance has been complemented by other improvements in these areas, such as the improvement of benches and the removal of architectural barriers on the Avenida del Ferrocarril, optimizing the maximum of our own resources and also taking advantage of the subsidies that we can choose.”

The City Council of Cocentaina has affirmed that the energy that is consumed at the moment in the town is “green energy” that is to say, all this energy is generated through alternative energies.

Up to now the streets and improved areas have been Gormaig, El Raval, Fraga, Alcudia, Els Algars estate, Railway Avenue, South Ronda, the parks of Paquito Xocolater and the farmers and buildings El Teular and the Palau Comtal.

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