Alcoy proposes moving the Eco-Park to the area of El Clérigo

The ruling PSOE has proposed moving the eco-park to the El Clérigo area of the city. El Clérigo is the industrial estate virtually opposite where the eco-park is now.

The party considers that it is essential to change the location of the eco-park currently installed on the Avinguda d’Elx, which, according to the socialists, violates the conditions demanded by the Waste Consortium, in addition to causing inconvenience to residents of nearby buildings.

Therefore, PSOE Alcoy proposes to cede a municipal land in the El Clérigo polygon that can accommodate a new eco-park and that it will be financed by the Waste Consortium that currently managed the disposal of unwanted goods and materials.

PSOE number 3 man in Alcoy Jordi Martínez, claims that they are “already looking for alternatives and solutions for the eco-park, we are aware that the location is not adequate and generates inconvenience to the neighbours and we would like to transfers these facilities outside of the urban area”.

The socialists propose converting the space currently occupied with the eco-park into a green area with playgrounds, improving the appearance and providing more services to the neighbours of the area.

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