Brexit fails to deter Brits from buying a home in Spain

A new survey claims that 55% of Brits considering purchasing a home in Spain are not worried about Brexit and still plan on buying a property.

It’s not all good news though, as 33% say they are waiting to see what happens and are worried as to what the situation will be regarding healthcare.

The survey was carried out amongst people actively searching for a home in Spain to see how Brexit might be affecting their plans.

Senior editor at Property Guides Chris Nye, said: “It’s quite easy to see that, in spite of Brexit, British people remain determined to pursue their dream move to Spain. Even faced with the uncertainties around the process, such as the strength of the pound and healthcare access, many have an unshakeable confidence that they will still be able to enjoy a high standard of life.

“Simply put, the lure of the beautiful weather and a healthy retirement offered by Spain is too strong to be dampened by Brexit concerns, especially among retirees. Many of the people planning a move to the country will have been doing so for years so it will take a monumental shift in the status quo to make them think twice about investing.”

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