The PSOE explains how it wants to revitalize El Partidor

The PSOE has presented its proposal for the revitalization of the area of ‘El Partidor’.

PSOE candidate and current mayor, Antonio Francés, has explained what the main points of this plan are. First, it has to do with the agreement that the socialist group signed a year ago with the Ministry and the Generalitat Valencia, in which it was agreed to invest 2 million euros in the construction of new public housing to be able to respond to the needs housing that exists in the city.

These homes will be aimed at the elderly and young people, so that, as the mayor said, “they can establish a bond of coexistence and mutual collaboration in their lives and that, therefore, they make each other’s, life much easier and comfortable, above all it is designed to facilitate the autonomy of the elderly in their homes.”

The project has 15 houses, as well as common spaces that the neighbourhood can use, such as a playroom, a dining room, a leisure area and laundry areas, among others. The PSOE also wants to emphasize that it is going to be an efficient building since it will have the installation of photovoltaic energy to be able to guarantee sustainability.

Francés was keen to point out that “we want the example of ‘eco-neighbourhood’ because efficiency and sustainability will be part of all the projects we promote in our city.”

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