Alcoy to offer grants for the rehabilitation of building facades

Alcoy City Council has announced that it has 44,000€ in grant money available for the rehabilitation of the facades of buildings on Entenza Street.

The municipal subsidy under the regime of competitive competition for the rehabilitation of facades that have been approved by the Governing Board passes from the 15,000 euros of previous orders to 44,000 euros reserved for the current year. It also increases the eligible percentage to 50% and a total maximum of 4,000 euros. Manolo Gomicia, Councilor for Territory, explains “this year, we wanted to include Entenza Street in the convocation to help people in rehabilitation, and thus complete the rehabilitation we have done in this important way of communication.” On the other hand, this action “in addition to improving the image and maintenance” of the buildings and the street, also “entails economic investment and occupation in the construction sector”, adds the mayor.

The grants can be requested until June 25.

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