50 years without the Alcoy-Gandia train

April 15th marked the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Alcoy to Gandia railway line and was the last time that the English built locomotive was used.

Founded in 1882, the rail operator, was the English company Alcoy y Gandía Rail and Harbour Co Ltd, with offices both in Alcoy and London. Several investments of this type were made by English companies in Spain during the late 19th century, and typically in smaller cities. In this case, the main motives for the investments were to promote the export of coal from England to the growing industry of Alcoy.

Stops along the route included Puerto de Gandia – Gandia harbour (0 km); Gandia (3 km); Almoines (7 km); Beniarjó (9 km); Potríes (11 km); Villalonga (14 km); Lorcha (27 km); Beniarrés (34 km); Gayanes (37 km); Muro de Alcoy (43 km); Cocentaina (46 km); Alcoy (53 km).

All the locomotives used were built in Manchester by Beyer & Peacock between 1890 and 1891 and were named after stops along the route.

The locomotive #2 the Villalonga is on display in north Alcoy where the old terminus used to be.

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