Police in Spain will be able to check mobile phone records if you are involved in a car crash

Spain has decided to crack down on motorists using their telephones while driving by now allowing the police to check the phone records of drivers who they believe may have been distracted while using their telephones.

The use of mobile phones while driving is now one of the main causes of road accidents in Spain with studies showing that it increases the risk of accidents by 20%.

Currently, the use of a mobile phone while driving is punishable with a 200€ fine and three points on your licence but if using the phone was deemed to be the cause of an accident the driver will have to go to court and face a possible prison sentence.

The police are also looking to be able to fine drivers who have apps on their phones that alert them to speed traps and roadblocks.

With regards to getting a drivers phone records, the police must get judicial authorization first if they suspect a driver was using their phone prior to a crash.

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