Two Italian towns selling homes for just 1€

If you have ever dreamed of packing up and moving to Italy now may be an opportunity too good to miss.

While property prices in Europe continue to climb, Italy like Spain is seeing rural towns spiral into decline as younger people move away in search of jobs.

Left with an abandoned house and no revenue coming in to pay for local services many of Italy’s inland mountain towns are looking to attract foreign investors to come in and buy up the properties and use them either for retirement or holiday homes and are selling them off at bargain basement prices.

Two such places are Zungoli a village not far from Naples and the town of Mussomeli in Scilly. While 1€ sounds like nothing the catch is that the new owners must post a deposit on the property and promise to fix them up. The bright side to this is that many of the homes are in decent shape and that restoring them would not prove to be all that expensive.

With a population of just 1,000, the village of Zungoli was recognised as one of Italy’s prettiest villages in 2015 thanks to its lovely cobbled streets and medieval bridges.

The mayor of Zungoli Paolo Caruso told CNN that anyone interested in buying a property should book a plane ticket and “come see for themselves the beauty of the place, taste the great food, and breathe the fresh healthy air.”

Mussomeli is a much larger place with 11,000 inhabitants and more public services making it a better option for people looking for a retirement home in the Italian sunshine.

If you think this is something you might be interested in you can apply online at and for Mussomeli at

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