Spanish Foreign Minister says a second Brexit vote would have the majority voting remain

Given the demographic shift in the UK following the UK’s decision to leave the EU three years ago, younger voters could now tip the scale in favour of the remain camp.

Britain voted by a narrow margin to leave the European Union in 2016 but since then Parliament has failed to agree on how the country should go about it is prompting calls for another referendum.

Spain is particularly caught up in Britain’s mess with 300,000 UK citizens residing in the country, while the Spanish economy relies heavily on British tourists.

When talking about the deadlock in Westminster Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said that another referendum did not guarantee a remain vote, but the rise in the number of eligible younger voters and the passing of older voters could tip the balance in favour of remain.

“It’s true that, with young people in favour of remaining and older people leaving, just through the passing of these three years, with the demographic dynamics as they are, I’m sure the result would be different,” Borrell told Telecinco TV.

Following last night’s discussions, EU leaders have now given Britain until the 31st of October to either leave or scrap article 50.

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