Cocentaina All Saints Fair to be awarded a Holiday of International Tourist Interest

The Constitutional Council is pending approval of the Ministry of Tourism to declare the Fira de Tot Sants a holiday of International Tourist Interest.

The All Saints Fair of Cocentaina hopes to be recognized with the Declaration of International Tourist Interest Holiday at this event. The request made by the local government to achieve the distinction goes beyond all the procedures. The last was a few weeks ago when the Valencian Agency of Tourism gave approval to the report and transferred it to the central Government, according to sources of the City Council of Cocentaina.

Mariona Carbonell, Councilor of the Fira, explains that there is only one administrative step to resolve the approval of the distinction and they are waiting for the pronouncement by the Ministry of Tourism.

To be given, this distinction would be added to the recognition of Feast of Autonomous Tourist Interest, Holiday of National Tourist Interest and Intangible Cultural Interest for a fair of more than 670 years of history.

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