Alcoy “Clean up Challenge” set for Sunday, April 7th

In an initiative to clean up parts of the city, volunteers will first focus on some of the worst areas.

Organizer councillor of Compromís, Anna Climent said: “One of the challenges proposed for Sunday is to recover the banks and slopes of our rivers.”

Compromís believes that the riverbanks of the city, once abandoned its industrial use, far from being areas of little interest and useful for the city are parts of the city that unite the neighbourhoods, areas where vegetation is the protagonist of a landscape that mixes the remains of  Alcoy’s heritage with a natural environment.

This is why they have decided to carry out the “Clean up Challenge”. For those who want to participate, on Sunday, April 7 at 10:30 am, they will have to go to the Firefighters Museum to depart from there to the area chosen to be cleaned up.

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