Raw Sewage flowing into the Rio Serpis

La Colla Ecologista La Carrasca has demanded an urgent solution to end the spill of wastewater in the Riquer River which then makes its way into the Serpis River that flows through Alcoy.

According to the environmental group, a month and a half ago the City of Alcoy started diverting waste water from the Santa Rosa neighbourhood into drains used for rainwater after the Algars treatment plant failed to cope with demand at certain times of the day.

Instead of flowing into the sewage plant to be  treated,  the sewage has been emptied into the Riquer River just after the Maria Cristina Bridge.

According to La Carrasca, the discharge of this sewage into the river has led, to a presence of bad odours and the increase of larvae of flies and mosquitoes.

For its part, the Pare Vitòria Secondary Education Institute, which is environmentally monitoring of the aquatic ecosystem in coordination with the Department of Education is reporting a deterioration in the ecosystem and is demanding an immediate solution to the problem.

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