Rain on the last day of March saves the quarter

The rain gauge has registered up to 43.8 litres per square meter in the Pas del Benissaidó according to Avamet in Alcoy and in the region has exceeded 70 litres

The rain that fell on Sunday, March 31, has saved the first quarter of 2019 in terms of rainfall.

Until twelve o’clock last night in the Pas del Benissaidó had recorded 43.8 litres, by 42.2 of ACIF. In the region, highlight the 36.4 of Cocentaina in the IES Pare Arques observatory or 44.8 in the observatory of 9 Oliveres.

In Agres La Valleta is the top with 74.2, highlighting also has been considerable records of L’Orxa 68.6, Beniarrés, in the Climate Museum, 54.4 or Benillup, 54.2.

During this night around 2 litres of rain fell in Alcoy and more abundantly in points like L’Orxa so there they have reached 100 litres until this time. The forecast for the following hours, according to the climatologist, Enrique Moltó, is for the rain to continue throughout the day Monday tapering off tonight with lower temperatures for the rest of the week.


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