Batoy residents ask for more shops and service

The Strategic Plan of the neighbourhood prepared by Crea 360 has compiled 21 proposals in the participatory process developed during the past6 months.

The residents of Batoy are asking for new businesses to come in and revitalize the neighbourhood, expand services for the elderly and adapt housing.

The document was presented at a meeting attended by residents who were invited by Mayor Antoni Francés and the councillor for Participation María Baca.

The Strategic Plan is broken down into 7 axes; Participatory, Economic, Productive, Sustainable, Space to live and coexist, Accessible and Inclusive and Social, within which the 21 proposals are included. María Baca, councillor of participation celebrated the involvement of residents in compiling the plan. “That the same residents are participants from the beginning to the end in improving their neighbourhood and that is why politicians have to commit to uniting visions about the neighbourhood model we want.”

In terms of economy, they want to take advantage of the proximity of the new Aitex district headquarters and the presence of CIP FP Batoi to create joint projects with the City Council, the BIC, the Chamber and other social and economic actors. They request the creation of new sociocultural spaces and the revitalization of the current ones, in addition to the remodelling of traffic and access to Santiago Payá.

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