Mozart comes to Cocentaina

The Discantus Chamber Choir revives the famous legend of the mysterious man who visited Mozart in his house in Vienna – The concert is at 19:00 hours this Sunday, in the Church of Santa Maria de Cocentaina.

Mozart’s Requiem is a masterpiece shrouded in mystery-one that makes the last commission he ever undertook all that more fascinating.

Not in the best state of mind when he received a commission to compose a Requiem Mass he composed the musical piece while believing he was about to die.

It was in July of 1791 that an “unknown grey stranger” arrived at the composer’s door claiming to represent a wealthy client who wanted Mozart to compose a Requiem on the strict orders that his identity would remain a secret.

Despite throwing himself fully into the work Mozart was unable to complete the piece only managing to finish the Requiem and Kyrie before he died aged 35 on December 5th 1791.

The Discantus Chamber Choir features soprano Gemma Soler and baritone Giorgio Celenza backed by the Caixa Ontinyent Symphony Orchestra.

Note: We cannot find any information regarding tickets so assume it is either a free concert or a closed event for invitees only.

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