Video: Jamón carver scares commuters on Metro

Last week a video appeared on YouTube showing a man sharpening a carving knife on a Madrid Metro train, with passengers concerned that he had dangerous intentions.

Nobody was harmed and it turns out the 27-year-old man was a professional ham cutter on his way to work.

The authorities must now decide if criminal proceeding should take place against the man for sharpening his knife on public transport.

After having reviewed CCTV footage the man was tracked down by police and while he explained who he was and why he had the knife the police pointed out that it was still a matter of public safety and that they would be passing on the case to judicial authorities.

The Madrid Metro was quick to point out that there was not a single minute of panic and that the public had given them a 7.6 out of 10 rating for security on Metro trains.

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