Alcoy is accepting bids for the building of an Industrial Museum

The City of Alcoy has opened the deadline for interested companies to submit their offers to do the works in the factories of first waters of Molinar, specifically, in the dels Solers. The project has been written by the architect Alcoyano Ciro Manuel Vidal Climent and is focused on converting the old factory into a centre of interpretation of the industrial complex of Molinar, the origin of the Valencian industry. The action is co-financed by 50% by the General Directorate of Local Administration of the Generalitat Valenciana, through the Feder Fund of the European Union.

The project called “Works of rehabilitation of the Solers dels Solers Factory and consolidation of remains in First Water Factories with archaeological intervention” is the first phase and has an execution period of 6 months. The aim of the project is to consolidate the area of first waters and convert this natural landscape into a cultural and tourist reference point about the origins of the industrialization of Alcoy and the repercussions at all levels that this event entailed. We must remember that Alcoy was a pioneer of the industrial revolution in the Community and in Spain and “claiming our past through the preservation of the rich industrial archaeological heritage that is currently conserved is one of the purposes of this rehabilitation project”, explains the councillor of Tourism and Historical Heritage, Lorena Zamorano.

The mayor stressed: “Our identity is shaped by the appreciation of a city full of possibilities for growth, one of which is tourism as a catalyst for the local economy. And well understood tourism involves producing a story of the authenticity of our people that differentiates it from other destinations. Our traditions preserved over time, our past, the historical heritage we have and the look to the future will be the key to this progression, which is why conservation and improvement work is essential. Endowing it with continued use as the Molinar Interpretation Center that enters the execution phase will also allow the sustainability of this resource and its survival over time. ”

This first phase includes the rehabilitation of the factory and the provision of Interpretation Center, with the latest technological resources, betting on the virtual reality as a tool for the recreation of the beginnings of industry in the Valencian Community and in Spain. The second phase will involve the rehabilitation of the Molino Viejo, the cupola of the Molinar aquifer and the recovery of the network of the first waters, including the hydraulic wheels. The bidding for this second phase will be carried out by the Generalitat Valenciana.

The set of the Molinar, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), is considered the cradle of Valencian industrialization. It was in the fifteenth century when the first flour mills were installed at the head of the river and then the first fulling mills, in order to take advantage of the force of the water that produced energy. From then on, more and more industries settled in the area, until in 1960 they were abandoned gradually due to the transformation of the textile sector.

It must be remembered that the Generalitat Valenciana declared BIC the Molinar in 2005. In 2008, the City Council acted in the consolidation of the dels Solers factory, with the intention of creating an industrial museum but the announcement of the complete rehabilitation of the building and its Endowment never came to be fulfilled by the government, at that time, in the hands of the Popular Party. The current tender for the works marks the way for the definitive recovery of the origin of the Valencian industry in the Molinar area and its interpretation with a 21st-century project.

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