Mallorca to crack down on drunk tourists

The City of Palma in Mallorca has decided to ban alcohol in popular areas including the beach in an effort to cut down the number of drunken tourists.

Starting April 1st police will be able to fine people up to 3,000 euros (£2,565; $3,406) for anti-social behaviour.

Bar clubs and restaurants will also be prohibited from promoting drinking in the street and must stop the practice of having a happy hour or two for one drink offers.

The Mediterranean island of Majorca has long been a magnet for young northern European partygoers who enjoy rowdy late night drinking.

Last year alone there were 15 cases of drunken tourists falling from balconies, 5 of which were fatal and occurred mostly in the resort town of Magaluf, an area not under the new law which only applies in Palma.

When speaking about the crackdown spokeswoman for the Balearic Tourism Ministry Alexandra Wilms said: “Local people have been complaining for years that something has to be done”.

“The problem is drunken tourists gathering and fighting in the street – locals wake up and see vomit, litter, and broken glass.”

Tourism accounts for 42% of the Balearic Islands’ economic output (GDP), Ms Wilms said, and there is a drive now to promote “better-quality tourism, for people who want to enjoy the area, the culture – not just coming to get drunk on the beach”.

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