The U.S. puts money over safety when it comes to the Boeing 737-Max

The European Union and India have now joined a long list of countries banning the Boeing 737 Max from operating in their airspace to ensure passenger safety.

The move comes after an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-Max crashed on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board. This was the second time in five months that this type of aircraft went down in similar circumstances, yet the FAA in the United States has failed to ground the aircraft.

Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is running to be the Democrats’ presidential candidate, called on the FAA “to get these planes out of the sky.”

Bill McGee, aviation adviser for Consumer Reports claims that the FAA has increasingly become cosy with aeroplane manufacturers and airlines when it should be more pro-active in safety.

With the public now fearful of flying aboard the Boeing 737-Max and either cancelling or changing their flights, the airlines operating the 737-Max in the United States may have to voluntarily ground the aircraft until we find out why the Ethiopian Airlines flight fell out of the sky.

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