Via Verde to receive 400,000€ Cyclist and Pedestrian Bridge

After waiting 17-years a bridge is to be built that will allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross the N-340 highway near Cocentaina.

The new bridge will be through a walkway that will allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross the busy road without the risk of being hit by traffic.

The City Council of Cocentaina has just awarded the works, budgeted at 400,000 euros and financed by the council and the local administration itself.

The start of the work is imminent, once all the relevant permits have been obtained. The execution period, likewise, is set at four months.

The Councilor for Works and Services, Marcos Castelló, stressed the importance of this project, on the basis that “we have been working hard to find the best solution, the necessary financing and follow the appropriate steps to respond to this social demand”.

The mayor stressed that despite the doubts of certain sectors, “the facts say that within four months Cocentaina will have the full connection of the Via Verde and the solution to overcome the obstacles we had until now. Passers-by and cyclists can cross Cocentaina and get to Alcoy without problems, enjoying one of our emblems of leisure and environment such as the Via Verde”.

It should be noted that the number of people using the Via Verde has increased more than noticeably in the past few years.

To learn more about the Via Verde (old railway line between Alcoy and Gandia) click on the link.

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