The one gadget that will improve your day to day life

While people are all talking about Alexa and how you can make your home, smart by using voice commands to turn lights on and off it isn’t anything that will really make your life easier. Smart locks, however, manage to unburden you with a mental weight you probably don’t even realize you are carrying.

If you step out the door without your keys you can’t get back in unless you have got a spare set for emergencies at another address. We all do it before we close the front door and that is to check to make sure we have the keys to get back in.

Installing a smart lock on your front, side, or back door will allow you to get back into the house without the worry of having to burden yourself with carrying keys. A smart lock will also monitor who is entering and leaving your home while you’re not there. Some smart locks allow you to open and close your door using your phone while others let you assign entry, to family member’s, friends or maintenance staff.

The big concern people will have before deciding to install a smart lock is deciding what they need it to do and how much they are willing to spend.

Some even have cameras in them and sensors that send an alert to your phone when someone enters your house.

Smart locks vary in price depending on the make and functionality that can include an app for your phone, voice recognition and electronic keypad.

Nearly all smart locks use standard pre-drilled holes where the lock you are replacing was attached to the door so it’s a fairly simple 10-minute job replacing one lock for the other.

To learn more about smart locks and which one is best for you here is a link to PC Magazine’s review on 2019 smart locks.

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