Cocentaina & Muro to demand more Guardia Civil

The Commonwealth of Alcoià and El Comtat is going to demand an increase in the numbers of the Civil Guard to the Government Delegation, with the aim of curbing the situation of lack of protection that is being experienced in the rural areas of these regions. The matter, also, will be transferred to the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FVMP), so that all local councils in the area approve motions in the same direction.

The move comes after the sudden death of a man in L’Orxa and a resurgence of robberies in the campo.

Smaller towns and villages in the region do not have local police and rely on the Guardia Civil in Cocentaina and Muro for their security. It has also been noted that the barracks in Muro often does not have any officers on duty and is closed.

When talking about the current situation the mayor of L’Orxa, Arnaldo Dueñas, said: “We are going to urge the Government Delegation to take action on the matter and to mobilize all the town halls, because of the situation we are in. Most of the robberies occur at night and it takes to long for the Guardia Civil to arrive at the scene”.

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