Alcoyano finishes second in the Spanish Mountain Bike Open

Alcoy mountain biker Pablo Garrido has achieved a meritorious second place finish in the first of the four dates of this year’s Spanish Mountain Bike Open.

Held in the Valencian town of Chelva the first of this year’s races attracted mountain bikers from around the world with 19 different nationalities represented.

The organizers of the Chelva Internationals updated the layout of its circuit to make it more exciting for participants and spectators. With a length of 4.1 km and a positive height of 130 m, new wooden obstacles have been added to the course, along with stone walkways, double-tracked sections and new areas.

In the video, we can see the circuit well in almost its entirety and we can say that they have achieved a very balanced layout, with technical zones, wide climbs where you can overtake and fast descents in which you can open hollow if a biker decides to take a risk.

Garrido is part of the Erum On-Bike team.


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