Alcoy to invest in electric buses

The city of Alcoy is to take advantage or the retirement of seven city buses by replacing them with hybrid vehicles and eventually all electric vehicles.

The plan is to have all city buses running on clean renewable energy while cutting down pollution in the city’s air.

According to the mayor, “we have been working for years to improve the service, with positive results as shown by the fact that we are adding passengers year after year. One of the initiatives that we intend to carry out now is the incorporation of electric or hybrid vehicles, but first we have to see how they adapt to the special orographic characteristics of the city. ”

The Councillor for Works and Services, Jordi Martinez, has stressed for his part that the municipal intention is to take advantage of the imminent renovation of seven of the eleven vehicles of the fleet to bet on sustainability. According to his words, “our intention is to have three lines with electric vehicles and another four with hybrids”.

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