Spanish supermarkets: The best and worst

Every four years the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) conducts a survey asking 6000 shoppers which are the best and worst supermarkets in Spain.

In this year’s survey which did not include Valencia’s Mercadona and Family Cash, Catalonia supermarket Bonpreu came 1st in the supermarket category with Hipercor winning in hypermarkets and German low price supermarket Aldi in the discount stores catagory.

At the bottom of the list were Carrefour, Dia and Supersol.

El Corte Inglais came top in the quality category with Dia and Supersol finishing bottom of the list.

As for the discount stores and their weekly offers, Aldi and Lidl topped the rankings with their cut-price deals.

Note: Ever since Aldi opened their new store close to Lidl in Alcoy we have noticed a rivalry between the two stores when it comes to pricing that leads to some very good offers for consumers.

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