The rock monastery of Bocairent

The subterranean rock monastery of Bocairent is a unique monastery for being excavated in the rock, under the Convent of Las Agustinas de Bocairent, Valencia.

Although Bocairent is better known for its Covetes dels Moros (Moorish caves), the bullring and its beautiful medieval quarter, the convent-monastery of Bocairent is worth mentioning and visiting.
Dating from the mid-sixteenth century, it is an old underground convent of cloistered nuns, which was excavated in the rock and occupies a surface of 48m2.

After its construction, nuns occupied the monastery the same year, placing themselves under the invocation of the “Most Holy Virgin of Sorrows and of the Blessed Magi.” Stamped in the year 1700, the construction of a second convent takes place, and, in 1902, the current monastery that can be seen at street level was built.
In its interior, there are different rooms: lobby, a chapel with decoration in the ceiling carved in the rock, dining room in which stands the large trunk-shaped chimney 10 meters high, bedroom, cells, and so on.
Currently, it belongs to the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of Bocairent and can be visited on Sundays and holidays, from 11:00 to 13:30 hours, for a price of 2 euros.

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