29-year-old woman found beheaded in Benimarfull

The Guardia Civil has taken charge of the investigation and does not rule out any hypothesis.

The woman’s body was discovered on Saturday, February 9, beheaded inside a house located 5 kilometres from the town of Planes. The judicial brigade of the Guardia Civil has taken charge of the investigation and does not rule out foul play according to a source from the Benemérita.

The house located in an area known as Partida de la Ceba, which, although it is located within the municipality of Planes, is about 100 meters from the centre of Benimarfull.

Locals say the woman had recently given birth and had been living with her partner in the house for less than a year.

The event has caused a stir in the towns of Benimafull and Planes and has the population on edge.

Sunday 17:30

The mayor of Planes, Javier Sendra, has just commented on the incident saying:  “Nobody in the town knew the woman who lived in the municipality with her partner for a year.” He explained that “she was a foreigner and was registered in Barcelona; her partner was registered in the town”. He has also indicated that “the neighbours do not know anything, moreover, the Partida Ceba, which is where the chalet is located, is a place with houses that are usually used only for the summer season.”

UPDATE: Monday 11/2/19

Following an investigation of the body by the Alicante Forensic Lab the victim’s 34-year-old Spanish partner has been arrested by the Guardia Civil and charged with murder.

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