Benidorm: British bar owner told to remove Union Jack flags

54-year-old Benidorm bar owner Tracey Walker has been ordered by Spanish police to remove Union Jack bunting from outside her bar or face a heavy fine.

After having refused to pay an 800€ fine it was then doubled to 1,600€ if the Bradford native does to remove the flags in a timely fashion.

Tracey claimed that the bunting has been outside her bar for two years and that this was the first time she had been asked to remove it.

“My bar has had British flags outside for almost two years, and all of a sudden it’s not allowed.

“It is a British bar so what harm are some flags doing promoting my business?” Ms Walker said.

Tracey thinks she may have been asked to take the flags down due to anti-British sentiments following Brexit.

“There is not a lot of love lost for British people at the moment,” one of Ms Walker’s customers said.

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