Alcoy prepares for the International Tourism Fair

Alcoy has prepared different activities that will be presented at Fitur, the International Tourism Fair, on 23, 24 and 25 January in Madrid.

On Wednesday they will show the Lindy Hop festival, a show dedicated to the spread of dance and swing culture. That same day there will also be a show about Alcoy cooking in which they will give attendees a sample of traditional foods to try and recipes typical of the area.

On Thursday there will be a presentation of the last Modernist Fair and the screening of the Moors and Christians Festivities in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid.

On Friday there will be a screening of a film that showcases the city to other filmmakers in the hope that there will choose Alcoy as a location for future projects.

Xavi Cortés, the representative of Visual Productions, stressed that “with this video is intended to show Alcoy as a city open to film, it is a video intended for professionals to capture their interest to come and shoot in Alcoy.”

Finally, Lorena Zamorano, Councilor for Tourism, has declared that “we have never taken either the Nadal Alcoià or the Moors and Christians Festivities to any edition of Fitur, but we have taken other activities such as the Trail, the Modernist Fair or the Routes Tourist made in the city.”

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