Alcoy kicks off its Three Kings celebrations

Alcoy kicked off its Three Kings celebrations yesterday as hundreds of people took advantage of the good weather gathering in the centre of the city for what will be the 130th anniversary of the event.

This traditional act symbolizes the adoration of the shepherds in Bethlehem leading up to the arrival of Their Majesties of the East on December 5th.

Around midday, the parade began with the performance of “L’Entrà del Reis” by the Primitive Musical Corporation. Behind them, a large group of boys and girls, dressed as shepherds.

During the parade, you could also see several children riding on donkeys, a fact that further accentuated the tradition of the act. The good weather made a lot of Alcoyanos and visitors from the surrounding regions enjoy the upcoming days that are full of magic and illusion.

To learn more about Alcoy’s Three Kings celebration click the link in this sentence.

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