Alcoy to rejuvenate the Zona Norte amphitheatre

The City Council of Alcoy has put out to tender for the rehabilitation of the amphitheatre Amando Blanquer, located in the Zona Norte Park.

Accessibility is the key to the project, which will include the installation of an elevator.

The municipal government board has approved the start of the dossier to tender the rehabilitation works of the Amando Blanquer amphitheater in Alcoy. The action aims to improve the infrastructure to schedule more activities, as well as making it accessible so that everyone can enjoy them.

The project includes the repair of chips, the construction of a theatre, the installation of an elevator and the creation of ramps so that people with reduced mobility can access the site from below. In addition, as explained by the Councillor for Works and Services, Jordi Martínez, all entrances to the stairs will be closed off.

The bidding process will last approximately one month and the budget is 241,320 euros, amount that will be borne by the Provincial Council of Alicante through a grant.

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