Police and Civil Guard arrest 17 people in Alcoy and Cocentaina

National Police and the Guardia Civil have arrested 17 people in Alcoy and Cocentaina for drug trafficking and robberies with force.

Five homes in Alcoy, one in Cocentaina and another in Agullent were raided by the police where they found more than 5,000 euros in cash, 90 grams of heroin 32 grams of hashish, 168 marijuana plants, 2 kilos of marijuana buds and a multitude of effects from robberies.

The task of the agents has been difficult to complete due to the strong security measures that were taken by the alleged perpetrators of the network to avoid being discovered in the performance of their illicit activities. Among these, in addition to selling drugs, was the realization of robberies with force in homes and cottages, of which they had obtained a large booty of jewellery.

The joint operation between both security bodies has clarified that a total of 10 crimes of theft with force was committed in the towns of Alcoy, Cocentaina, Millena and Agullent.

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