Alcoy is committed to public transport at Christmas

For the fourth consecutive year, the Department of Mobility has decided to promote the use of urban transport during Christmas.

On December 22nd and 29th and January 5th the urban bus service will be completely free for citizens.

The measure it is expected to reduce the use of private transportation running up to Christmas, a time when the streets of the city are especially crowded

The measure aims to facilitate access to all the neighbourhoods of the city, especially the centre, by encouraging the use of public transport and capturing new users.

The mobility councillor, Jordi Martínez, remembers the benefits that are obtained with the free bus: “First of all, we encourage the use of public transport, a trend that is expected to remain the rest of the year and for which we have already bet on for a long time, for example with the introduction of social bonds. On the other hand, it is intended to minimize the harmful emissions generated by vehicles, and try to decongest neighbourhoods with a special influx these days, a reality that can benefit the commerce and enjoyment of our Christmas holiday.

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