Citizens warn of damage to one of the city’s bridges

Ciudadanos Alcoy has asked for an intervention by a Government team “due to the poor condition of the wall at the end of the Viaduct Bridge towards the Ovidi Monllor Promenade. There you can clearly see how part of that wall has been demolished and has left a lot of electric cables in sight “.

Maribel Sánchez, Councilor for Citizens Alcoy has declared that “apart from an aesthetic issue, this could represent the real danger due to the number of cables”. Sánchez recalled that in Alcoy there have already been problems in other bridges such as Fernando Reig and Sant Jordi, saying that “it is necessary to be more zealous in the control and maintenance of such infrastructures in order to avoid major problems, while It is not very aesthetic and generates a sense of insecurity for all users of the bridge.”

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