Alcoy presents a budget of 64.2 million for 2019

The mayor of Alcoy, Antonio Francés, and the councillor of Finance, Vanessa Moltó, have presented a budget of 64.2 million euros for 2019, a 7.9% increase on 2018.

The municipal government has insisted that “it is an ambitious budget, includes necessary investments without neglecting economic and social policies.” Francés has also stressed that “it is the highest of the last few decades” and that despite the tax reduction that already announced, “we will have more social policies, more culture, more maintenance and more investment thanks to good management.”

The draft of the municipal accounts will be presented this Friday to the opposition groups, and the goal of the Francés government is to bring the budget to the regular plenary session in January for approval. For their part, the councillors of the PP have shown their discomfort knowing that the local executive has released the draft “before the media, and therefore the citizens, rather than the other political parties.” PP spokesman, Rafa Miró, has said that “a government that is in the minority starts negotiations on a bad footing” and has labelled it as “arrogant” for the way it is acting.

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