Alcoy-Xàtiva train getting a 20€ million upgrade

The Ministry of Public Works has undertaken the procedures for the modernization of the Alcoy-Xàtiva railway line, through a plan that includes the installation of blocking systems, the renovation of roads and the replacement of existing trains. ADIF has approved the tender dossier for the first of the actions, aimed at improving frequencies of the trains while finalizing the documentation for the works that will reduce travel times. The investment in these two initiatives will exceed 20 million euros.

One day after the PP deputy Lola Alba denounced that the new central government was not investing the 22 million euros that her party left budgeted for the Alcoy-Xàtiva train, the socialist mayor of Alcoy, Antonio Francés, the local secretary, Jordi Martínez, and the deputy Patricia Blanquer, announced that the procedures for the modernization of the line are already underway.

As they explained, ADIF approved on October 31st the bidding dossier for the installation of the blocking systems, an action that will improve the safety of the line and allow the improvement of frequencies. The budget allocated for this purpose is 8.6 million euros, and the execution period of ten months: three for the project and seven for the work.

Likewise, the documentation is being finalized to tender the drafting of the renovation project of the road, some works that will reduce travel times. The term for this is eight months with a budget of 181,500 euros. Then, at the end of next year, work is expected to be undertaken in this regard with an investment of 12 million euros.

Lastly, the replacement by Renfe of the current trains with more modern ones is planned.

The deputy Patricia Blanquer stressed that “we did not want to say anything until we had completed facts. The reality is that the current socialist government has launched all these actions in just three months because when we entered there was absolutely nothing. I do not say that there was no will on the part of the PP, but the reality is that it is now when really these long-awaited actions are going to be possible ».

The mayor, Antonio Francés, expressed himself in similar terms, pointing out that the previous government “left some generic budget items, but it was the current executive who decided on what was spent, and opted for the Alcoy-Xàtiva train.”

In this sense, he stressed that the PP “is true that invested 4 million euros last year on this railroad, but it was a matter of emergency, to ensure the safety and circulation of trains after years and years of non-compliance his obligations regarding the maintenance of the line ».

“In the end,” concluded Frances, “it will be a socialist government that modernizes the train, just as Zapatero did at the time, ending the central highway at a time complicated by the irruption of the crisis.”

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